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Our mission is to provide educational resources

to clinicians treating neurological clients. That means information for all disciplines, treating patients across the lifespan in neurorehabilitation.

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Treatment ideas

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Research summaries

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Products Reviews

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Interviews with experts

Why provide vlogs?
  • Research shows that watching, reading, and interacting with other learners are especially effective learning strategies.

  • Static resources - books, journals, and webpages - are great.


But wouldn't it be nice if someone demonstrated great treatment tips or assessments? And you could play their demonstration over and over? And there was a community to discuss those techniques to share and unfold what you just saw?

What does "NEURO" include?


Of course, there are the obvious answers to this question; stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, Parkinson's Disease. 

But what about degenerative diseases? Or conditions across the lifespan?

And then there are the studies linking brain changes to effective treatments for musculoskeletal conditions, amputation, and even pain. Neuromuscular reeducation, physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy techniques, physical therapy techniques...

To us, the question became, what isn't "neuro?" And who were we to decide? 

Why create a neuro vlog?

  • We were frustrated at the lack of time that facilities provide to find and synthesize research findings.

  • What about the AMAZING treatments being applied by SKILLED CLINICIANS? If they aren't in "important journals," they're often overlooked.

  • We were frustrated at the inconsistency with which students were MEANINGFULLY exposed to the best and most contemporary approaches. 

So, why NeuroVlog?  ONE SITE where FAST, FOCUSED, FUNDAMENTAL information ACROSS CONDITIONS AND ENVIRONMENTS can be easily shared to benefit the field, and our patients.

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Enjoy NeuroVlog as much as you want.

At your desk

On your phone or device

Anywhere you can access information.

No travel. No hassle. Learn by seeing and interacting. Share your ideas and insights

Treatment Ideas
How do I perform that new treatment? Remind me how I perform a transfer with someone with hemiparesis? Someone who pushes? You're in the right place! 
How do I assess a particular condition or impairment? What's "clinically significant" really mean? Where can I find the "best" resources for assessments? We'll tell you!

Our jobs can be hard. Tiring. Repetitive.

"Take care of you" with motivating vlogs and stories.

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