New (Proposed) CMS Remote Therapy Codes!

The CMS has proposed new Remote Therapeutic Monitoring codes for 2022. They are looking for feedback and comments on these codes and how to best utilize them to help our patients and clients maximize their recovery in our absence. Please read up on these and send them your thoughts. Here's a VLOG explaining the topic in more details.

On July 13th the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released its proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for calendar year 2022. In doing so it recognized five new CPT code-sets that are indicative and called "remote therapeutic monitoring." For short, RTM.

The new RTM codes in the proposed rule closely resemble the existing remote physiologic monitoring codes, or RPM, and these were established over the last few years with a code that was for setup and education on the use of RPM equipment, two device codes and two service codes.

The proposed RTM codes are great news for our patients, our providers, and for digital health companies because previously there were these RPM codes that we were looking at physiologic data only, which left so many gaps in the healthcare continuum. These RTM codes can begin to, hopefully, fill those gaps to better provide that continuum of care for our patients.

Here's a brief overview of the codes:

CPT code 989x4 - The first 20-minute interaction with your client (limit 1 per month)

CPT code 989x5 - Additional 20-minute interactions beyond the 989x4 code (same date)

CPT code 989x1 - Remote setup, monitoring, and education of the respiratory system status, musculoskeletal system status, therapy adherence, and therapy response.

CPT code 989x2 - Monitoring the remote information of the respiratory system ONLY (1x/mo)

CPT code 989x3 - Monitoring of topics related to the musculoskeletal system (1x.month)

This current coding structure is difficult, and CMS admits that. Please give them your feedback! Also, think about if you would consider computer software, a webplatform, or an app as a medical device...because this will matter with this billing!!!

In the description of the YouTube video you can find two resources for you to review. Please watch the video above for a lot more information, but also take a look at these two resources. Have a good one!