Steve Page


My Story

My goal is to improve care and care delivery for people with neurological deficits. In pursuit of this goal, I have developed and tested many therapy approaches, and I'm proud to say that a number of them are now used internationally, such as modified constraint-induced therapy, and mental practice. I have published over 130 peer reviewed papers on this work.

I'm also passionate about communicating the most effective assessment and treatment methods to busy clinicians. Since 2005, I have developed and presented lectures, "lunch and learns," seminars, and webinars to over 15,000 clinicians worldwide. I also run a company called "Prickly Quill Writing Company," which assists busy clinicians and scientists with writing scientific abstracts, grant proposals, manuscripts, consumer articles, and graphics, so that they can get the word out about their work. 

I also "live my mission" by treating patients with neurological impairments. I learn a lot from the patients and families that I serve, which only further informs my writing and lecturing.

You can check out my personal website here.

I also developed a certification for therapists interested in the neurologic upper extremity, which you can visit here. 

Finally, you can learn more about the Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist course that I co-developed with two awesome clinician-educators here.

Three "fun facts" about me:

  • I am smitten with my family, including my two Beagle-dors.

  • At different times, I've seriously considered and/or pursued careers as a marine archaeologist, priest, musician, and college swimming coach (most of them are still on my radar, actually).

  • I don't like being cold or cold weather (unless it's snowing).